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Health Insurance is a very personal and complex subject.

As an independent agency, we are able to provide you several different proposals from the many companies we represent. As you probably already know, the Health Insurance Industry is going through various changes that will have an impact on your current and future healthcare needs.

Many of the health policies are already changing, as well as the laws and regulations.

To best help our clients with healthcare, we ask them to first try to decide what their future needs may be. For example:

  1. Will you be staying in your current area?
  2. Will you be traveling a lot upon retirement?
  3. How soon do you plan to retire?
  4. Are you currently covered through an employer?
  5. What type of retirement income will you have to assist you?
  6. Are you reasonably healthy now?
  7. Do you have any medical issues that may block you from receiving new coverage from a different company?

As you can imagine, this entire subject is difficult to address quickly or easily!

However, once we know the facts of your particular situation, we can help design a policy to fit your budget and plans.

At Dougherty Associates, we work very hard to be sure we are as up to date as possible to answer all your questions. Contact one of our knowledgeable agents below to get started!

Dan Dougherty

Dan Dougherty ~Major Medical Insurance & Supplements


Martin Ruppert

Martin Ruppert ~ Medicare Supplements and Part D Insurance


Jeff Laddusaw

Jeff Laddusaw ~ Medicare Supplements and Part D Insurance


Please Contact Us directly for any help you may need in understanding what your Healthcare Insurance options may be.

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