Texas RV Insurance

Texas RV Insurance is very popular since Texas is a great domicile state for many RV'ers. The state of Texas is highly rated amongst  RV'ers - especially fulltimers.

We are licensed in Texas for that very reason!

Over the years many of our clients have established their domicile residence in Texas and wanted Dougherty & Associates to continue being their agent. In the past, we had to say no because we weren't licensed to sell RV Insurance in Texas, only South Dakota.

As of early November, 2019 we are finally able to help our longtime clients stay with us; and, therefore, continue providing them the best possible insurance service.

RV's are a big investment - both financially and emotionally! We felt it necessary to do whatever was necessary to become licensed in Texas.

Over the years, we've researched the best possible companies that provide RV Insurance and we are very happy to announce we will continue with our great companies we represent in Texas now as well.

Texas RV Insurance

We have a special form that you can fill out with your domicile information right here.

Just fill in the blanks with as much information as you can and we'll contact you the next business day to discuss your options.

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