Motor Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle Insurance requires the proper type of research to be sure to protect yourself and your family.

We chose to be an Independent Insurance Agency so we could provide our clients with the best possible coverage, based on their particular needs! Our agency represents several "A" rated insurance companies, which enables us to find the best possible rate, while keeping your best interests in mind.

We are working for YOU, not the insurance company.


We are also licensed in: 

Today's families have all sorts and types of vehicles that they need and want insurance coverage on - Luxury cars, SUV's, family cars, children's cars, ATV's, Snowmobiles, Boats, Motorcycles, Scooters, etc.

At Dougherty Assoc we strive to provide the best possible quotes for you on any and all vehicles.



Pickup Truck






To get a quote for your Motor Vehicle, click on our  Ins Quote Request Form with the attached link to fill out an insurance quote questionnaire. All of the information is pertinent in order to provide you with an accurate quote.

RV Insurance

Not only do we provide conventional vehicle and auto insurance for all needs, but at Dougherty Assoc, we provide specialized policies for RV Vehicles and "Toads" (vehicles towed behind an RV).

We also write complete insurance coverage policies for the Full-Time RV'er - those clients who need Full-Time RV Liability Insurance coverage on their Recreational Vehicle, while they travel the States!

Aside from helping insure all types of RVs and their configurations, we also provide insurance for the RV Toad vehicle or the truck that is pulling your camper of 5th wheel!

Many of today's RV'ers are going Full-Time and have set up a "domicile" in several key states that offer that service. Aside from South Dakota, we are also licensed in Iowa, Arizona, Texas and Montana.

Need a quote for your RV Insurance?
Fill out our RV Insurance Quote Request form from the comfort of your own computer and we will research the best possible quotes for you.

Shasta Camper and 56 Chevrolet
Diesel Class A Pusher

With our wide range of vehicle insurance companies, we can shop around for you to find the best rate and coverage for you.

To request a quote for RV Insurance, please click our RV Insurance Quote.

If you prefer to talk to someone, please call our office at 605-361-6318 and we will be happy to help you.

As always, please feel free to Contact Us for any questions you may have for us.

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